Tips To Improve Sleep Quality


Here are 9 easy to follow tips to improve sleep quality

1: Create a routine:

- Getting out of the bed same time everyday… even at weekends
- Taking a warm bath before bed
- Stretching before bed

2: Avoid blue light before bed:

- Electronic devices produce a certain type of light called “blue light"
- Avoid screens time before bed and in the bedroom

3: Do some regular exercise but not too close to bedtime
- Aerobic exercise during the day to stay alert, can improve the quality of sleep later in the day
- Avoid exercise right before bed

4: Try to keep your mind blank
- Try visualising a relaxing place such as a wood or beach. Learning meditation or mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may also help to calm your thoughts.
- Focus on breathing and breathing exercises

5: Avoid stimulants and alcohol
- Avoid coffee, soda, chocolate, or any other stimulants
- Alcohol may make you feel sleepy at night, but overall will interfere with the quality of your sleep and prevent you from feeling rested when you wake

6: Avoid eating large meals late at night
- A heavy meal before bed or too much spicy food at night can make it difficult to sleep,
- Herbal tea or a milky drink may help you relax but don’t drink too much before bed as this may mean you have to wake to go to the toilet at night.

7: Make your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet
- Sleep quality can be improved by sleeping in a slightly cooler room, around 17C is comfortable for most people
- If you are disturbed by noise at night, consider wearing ear-plugs
- If you are woken by daylight, try a blackout blind.

8: Try not to have a nap during the day If you fall asleep during the day, even a short nap can then disturb your sleep at night.
- Make sure that you go to bed and set an alarm clock so that you don’t sleep for too long 15- 20 minutes maximum

9: Medication
- In general, taking medicines for long periods to improve sleep is not a good idea and lifestyle changes are much more helpful.
- Although there are some medicines that help us sleep, they are not useful for long periods


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